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Student Disability Resources is located in Health and Wellness Services at
6012 General Jim Moore Blvd. (also known as 4th Ave.), at Inter-Garrison Road.
Directions from Hwy. 101, from Hwy. 1, by car, bus, train or air are at
Caution: GPS often does not work for CSUMB locations.


Parking is available in front of Health and Wellness Services in Lot 80 with a valid CSUMB permit.  Consult Parking Services website for details, including the Parking Policy.  Disabled parking is available.  CAUTION, effective 7/1/2013: If you display a valid DMV disability placard or plate, you must also display a valid parking permit from CSUMB. Parking permits from Hartnell, Monterey Peninsula College or Cabrillo College are no longer valid at CSUMB.

Buy a Permit Online at

Permit Dispensers

The closest parking permit dispensers for Lot 80 (not residential permits) are at:
the Alumni and Visitors Center (Bldg. 97) on Fourth Avenue or
the west side of University Police, Valley Hall, Inter-Garrison Road. 
Consult Parking Permit dispenser map
This map is updated on the web by CSUMB Transportation and Parking Services: 831.582.3573

Consult related important Parking information at the Parking Services site.

Parking in posted disabled parking spaces requires:

  1. A valid DMV disabled placard, a California disabled person/disabled veteran license plate, AND
  2. A valid CSUMB parking permit.
    Persons with both a valid CSUMB parking permit and DMV disabled placard or a California disabled person/disabled veteran license plate may also park for unlimited periods in any limited time zone (visitor, loading) or metered space without paying a parking meter fee (22515.5 CVC).

Check the current Parking Policy to verify accuracy of this information.


Please promptly inform SDR (via appointment with Disability Resources Advisor) if students with disabilities have difficulty paying for and/or finding suitable parking on campus. 
Call 831.582.3672 or email: