Staff and faculty working with students who have disabilities may learn tips for supporting students and CSUMB procedures and resources in the SDR Faculty Handbook.

The SDR Faculty Handbook is available for download as a PDF or for quicker viewing, it is available by section on the SDR Website.

Alternative Testing Requests

For students approved for testing accommodations, instructors need to arrange quiet, appropriate space and a proctor unless the student needs to use Assistive Technology during the test. For those students, faculty may ask SDR to provide a proctor and schedule space. Please ask each student for his/her current semester SDR Course Accommodation Form. For more information, consult the
Alternative Testing Faculty Tool. Requests should be received 10 working days before each test.

Download the Testing Notification from HERE!

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology is specialized, high quality software, hardware and equipment that is available to students, staff and faculty with low vision, mobility, learning, psychological and/or hearing disorders. Assistive Technology (AT) can provide more equal access to electronic information.

Autism Spectrum and Asperger's Syndrome

Student Disability Resources invites faculty to contact SDR with questions about ways to support the learning of any student, including those who may appear to have Autism Spectrum Disorder or Asperger's Syndrome. For resources and tips, explore Success for Students with Asperger's Syndrome developed by SDR, Health and Wellness Services, and the Center for Teaching Learning and Assessment.